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Bonjour à tous.
Hi all,

I’m french sorry my English is not perfect.

Why not to allow a reset of the courses ? The function to begin again the exercise is not sufficient. It is often very useful to begin again a course several times to acquire all the subtleties. I have to connect with several accounts if I want to begin again the courses of zero, I find not this very practical! Badges it is good but that serves not in much, I am here to learn the programming, the badges of success I can take place. I say that because I think that the system of badge of success can be, is incompatible with a reset of a course.

I say that because I like your site, I have a practice a lot here because I want to learn, but really a function ’ reset ’ is lacking a lot.

Thank you for having read to me

the new courses have a reset function, and the old courses are going to get upgraded to the new environment so they will also get a reset button.

So we are working making all courses have a reset button


I’m very happy to read that.
it’s really a very good news.

thanks for this information

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you can read the blog to see when the changes are schedules to happened. This changed where original scheduled for earlier, but this was unfortunately not possible


The problem is that the reset function only resets the page, not the chapter itself. I wanted to review what we just learned because I don’t understand the new terminology. There seem to be no way to go back to the beginning of the chapter.

Yep, the ever newer courses are even differently, did you check the FAQ, hopefully its updated


This Feature has been added