Don’t really understand what part 2 is asking


What is part 2 asking me to do?

I don’t really understand what part 2 is asking

this is what I have so far but not really understanding what x and big_string are supposed to do in relation to product.

float_1 = 0.25
float_2 = 40.0
variable_product = “product”
product = 1.0 * float_1 * float_2
variable_big_string = “big_string”

any hints would be helpful

FAQ: Learn Python - Python Syntax - ValueError

“Create something called ‘product’.” In programming that means giving something a name.

product = 

What follows will be what we assign to that name; an expression of sorts.

The misleading term in the instructions is string. A complete misnomer according to what was really intended.

Write a multiplication expression using the two variables that have already been defined.

That completes the assignment and all that is left is the output. The next step is spelled out.