Doing the code for me


This is happening with all the python courses, from ones I've already completed to ones I'm just starting. I was working on the Python lessons for the first time in a while when I noticed that they were filling in the code for me, and all I would have to do is press "Save and Submit". I thought they were the already completed lessons at first but then I realized they weren't. I tried going back to earlier lessons and it was doing the same thing. So whenever it told me to do something, it would already be done, meaning I couldn't do a thing to practice. Any idea what's happening and how I can fix it?


You could always create a new account. I would imagine that would solve your problem.


But it's happening with new lessons too.


This is for all lessons? I know the first lesson in each section is just to read the directions and hit submit.

If you have previously completed a section, the code you typed to complete the lesson will still be there so that is not really a problem.

Otherwise I have no idea


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