Does the web browser type affect codecademy's functionality?

Hi there,

apologies if this has been answered but figured I would ask in case, as I am new to all of this.

I’m on the beginners course ‘learn how to code’ and on the module ‘loops: putting it all together’ (6/6)

When I try to edit or change the code in the command window, it freezes the entire page and the window on the far right is stuck in a state of loading.
I’ve tried resetting the browser and computer but when I go back on, it still does the same and I cannot click/interact on anything.

It’s not a major issue as I’ve passed the course and managed to skip this part of the lesson but wondered if it was because of the type of web browser I am using. I was thinking on reducing any issues in the future.

I am using a mac and going through safari as this is the only operator I have to work on.

Don’t know about Safari but the latest version of Firefox works pretty well with Codecademy.


Thanks for the reply and help, I’ll install and give it a go tomorrow :smiley:

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Firefox should work well. Check out the Troubleshooting Guide for more information on which devices and browsers work best. Happy coding!

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@midlindner Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, I’ll have a read now :+1:

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