Does the training here go on an on?

I’m really keen to get good at html so iv just started. I like the way it’s set out and the way the training is (easy to understand). Can someone tell me, once i’m fully signed up does Codecademy teach you EVERYTHING about html and css? just really curious because it’s a great establishment to get into career wise, when you look at what it takes to make a website, the number and potential to make money is staggering i think…

Not sure programming is the right profession if you are in it for the the money

No, codecademy doesn’t teach everything. Its a good starting point, besides, learning concept is far more important then syntax, you can always use documentation for syntax

not sure what you mean?

The courses would have to become massive to teach everything, so after doing codecademy and maybe freecodecamp, learn to read documentation like MDN, that will help you a lot

You don’t need to know EVERYTHING about HTML and CSS in order to use them in a career. I don’t think any developer would claim to know everything about CSS, nor would they need to – as stetim points out, there’s documentation for that. Once you reach a certain degree of proficiency, you can research out from there to get certain tasks done, as you’ll have enough context to know what questions to ask and how to comprehend the answers. Codecademy can (and has) get you to that stage.

Are you an FCC’er, too? I recently came back to CodeAcademy because I wanted a stronger foundation on JS concepts. Through hitting the “Get Hint” button a few too many times aI came across MDN and began taking their training courses on the same things all to better understand concepts.

I will echo, CA is a great place to lay foundations, FCC is great if you want to challenge yourself to build out projects from scratch, and MDN is just a beast of information and Google Developer and Stack Overflow have great communities full of helpful information when starting out.