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Does the Python Course Prepare you for Work

Hi community.

I was wondering as someone new to Python Programming and this is my first programming language. If I complete the Python programming program will it prepare me to be able to start to work as a Python programmer?

Thank you,

Hi Brandon,

The Python course that you’ll take through Codecademy will be a great start on your path to becoming a Python developer, but generally speaking courses by themselves will not be enough to get you a programming job. To cut a very very long story short, all a hiring manager will ultimately care about is what you can build and how you built it. To demonstrate your abilities, you’ll need to have a portfolio of projects that you’ve made yourself from scratch. The Python course with Codecademy will teach you everything you need to get started with building your own projects, and that’s exactly what you should do – think of something fun to build and build it.

No course will ever teach you everything you need to build all projects – they may teach you to make specific projects but they cannot teach you to make the project that’s in your head or the infinite number of possible things one can build with code. In the exact same vein, no course can truly give you an experience of the day-to-day work as a developer. For this, you must learn how to find the answers yourself (through Googling, Stack Overflow, developer documentation, etc.). That’s why in our Pro Paths we gradually decrease the level of guidance you get with projects, starting with detailed step-by-step instructions and steadily progressing to the point where we assign you a project with no guidance but where we review your project at the end to assess of how you did – it’s a relatively small step from there to being truly self-sufficient. Whether you undertake this process through a course like Codecademy’s or whether you do it entirely yourself, the end goal is the same: you’ll learn how to learn to code by yourself so that you can get the job done. No developer knows everything with code, they just a) get better at asking questions b) get better at interpreting and using answers c) retain more and more of that knowledge as they go without ever learning everything there is to know.

When it comes to learning how to find your own answers, there’ll come a point when you need to just jump in and do it. Take a Codecademy course or two, then start building your own things. Don’t worry about what kind of project to build, just start building things with code that you want to build for fun (or utility: what can you build that would make your life a little better?), make those projects work, then keep making them more complex with more features, etc. Get more and more ambitious, keep your GitHub and LinkedIn up-to-date, and eventually you’ll get recruiters coming to you.

This is a long, long road to becoming a professional developer – it will take you hundreds of hours, but you will neither be the first nor the last to take that road. We wish you all the best!


Thank you Oduffy,

My goal is to make sure I have a base that I can start coding in Python. I do understand there is so much to learn and so many path’s to Python programming once a person starts to program.

I just want to make sure that I have a base I can build on and start working.


@brandonkr wassup man teach me how you were tought

Hey @codejumper21201 I’m still learning, not much I can teach you at this point. I found the Codecademy course was more monkey see, monkey do type course. I had to switch over to learning from books so that I can actually learn Python coding.

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agreed, but this make it easy to get started and known some of the syntax

Books are fine, but what you read you should practice. Programming is a lot of practice :slight_smile: Building things is important.

codewars offers good challenging which might help as well.

or build a command line program, maybe a simple command line calender?

Is that what you found @stetim94 ? As for me I have to learn what I am doing. If I just go through the motions I forget what the syntax is in a short period of time. I have to actually learn what it is used for by going through a lesson (theory), then apply it like you said.

That is where I found Codecademy was lacking. I found I was speaking the advisors after every module in a lesson asking them questions about what did I just do. That shouldn’t be the case for beginners. It should be like this:

In this lesson we are going to cover variables…
Variables are used for many things…
Here are some examples of different types of variables and what they are used for…
In this lab you will be using the variables we just covered to do this…

In my opinion, if Codecademy took on this type of teaching it will be of far more value to students like me.

I wish there was one universal teaching style, but i am afraid there isn’t. Everyone learns differently.

Maybe it will fit you if to reflect after each module and practice and play outside codecademy’s environment with what you learned?

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That was a universal learning style, that is what they do in school to engage all different types of learners. Now because your site is online you wouldn’t be able to engage the auditory learners because you are not speaking to them. But the rest you will engage

The Seven Learning Styles
-Visual (spatial):You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
***Aural (auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music.
-Verbal (linguistic): You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.
-Physical (kinesthetic): You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.
-Logical (mathematical): You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.
-Social (interpersonal): You prefer to learn in groups or with other people.
-Solitary (intrapersonal): You prefer to work alone and use self-study.

As you are mentioning I am learning more by studying a book and doing their labs they have set out then I did from Codecademy because it’s not monkey see, monkey do. They are actually explaining what they are teaching in each lesson, then having the reader apply it.

With Codecademy from what I found is they show you code, get you to type it out and don’t explain what it is for. Now you have to go out and learn what it is for and then go back to review it to see what did you just do. Which can be difficult when you don’t know what your reading when you do the research because it is advance information that I for example haven’t been taught. So it is kind of running around in the dark trying to figure Python code out.

That is what I found

We do ascribe to the idea that learning by doing is the best way of learning and on the whole our learners agree – that’s why we’re the world’s most popular way to learn to code. That said, to each their own! We definitely wouldn’t say that we are the perfect platform for everyone.

Hi Daniel,

I am not disagreeing doing something is a great way of learning as long as your are taught what you are doing. If I tell you just to copy the code and write it out. It doesn’t mean you are going to understand what is the code, what does it do or even what it is called coding or how it works

For example if I tell you to just write out

x = (x*y)

And don’t give you any other information. How would you know that is a variable in the Python programming unless someone tells you and then has you type it out, the run it?

My point being there needs to be some theory to teach what the coding/programming lesson is teaching before the step of doing it.

HI @brandonkr, could you please tell me which books you are using? Thanks

Hi @yvanr13 the books I have been reading are “Learning Python, 5th Edition by Mark Lutz” and “Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional, 3rd Edition by Magnus Lie Hetland”

Thanks @brandonkr I’ll check them.
I’ve just got that one.
Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming Paperback – 14 Dec 2015
by Eric Matthes

Has anyone went through the Python course and just the Python course at Codecademy and was able to get a job with no other training or experience?

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That should be near impossible, the python course isn’t extensive enough for that. You need more practice before you can get a job

the python course can be a good starting point, once finished, start building projects for your portfolio.

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