Does the order of logical operators matter?



If we are combining multiple logical statements, and we kept the statement order fixed, does the order of the logical operators (or/and) matter?


Yes and no. It depends on how many logical statements there are.

When there is only one logical statement, it’s always going to evaluate the same way, because it’s just a single statement.
num < 3
num > 6

When there are two logical statements, order does not matter, because we can only apply one logical statement & (and) or | (or) between them.
(num < 3) | (num > 6)
is the same as
(num > 6) | (num < 3)

When we have more than two statements, that is when order does start to matter.

Say that we have three statements, and wish to combine them using one | and one &. Like so, in different operator orders.

A & B | C
A | B & C

These will not necessarily be the same result. For instance, take these values.

A = False
B = False
C = True

A & B | C
False & False | True = True
A | B & C
False | False & True = False

So, order of the logical operators will matter. This is mainly due to the order of operations, as & (and) is evaluated before any | (or) operators.