Does the <hr> element always display the same way?

In this exercice, why does the first “hr” element (under the Davie’s Burgers logo) make a full width line while the second “hr” element (above the element) makes a small line ?

Hi, there!

If you click on this little button:


On the left of the center coding panel, you can take a look at the style.css file.

From there, you will be able to see that the hr within the form has been styled with:

form hr {
  width: 15%;

(You can also use the inspector by right-clicking and clicking inspect, but I don’t know if you’ve covered that in a lesson yet :sweat_smile: )


Indeed, I haven’t covered it yet (the CSS course either :sweat_smile:). But, thanks to your simple and straightforward explanation, I’m much less confused! Thank you a lot!