Does the Codecademy PHP course teach everything?

I am almost done with the PHP course on Codecademy. Yes, it does teach everything on syntax and all that, but I was wondering why it doesn’t teach you how to store data (like in local storage).
There was an example in the first part of the course. It collected and stored the data I entered.
After I finished learning all of the lessons in PHP, I went back and looked at the example, wondering why I didn’t learn how to do it.

Is there a second course for PHP?
Why did I not learn everything I needed to know?

My 2 cents:

I don’t think any courses in CC teach everything on a subject. Then again, I don’t know any courses anywhere (or books) that do the same.

Some possible classifications for gradations of material are: introductory, intermediate, advanced, reference.

Many books/courses usually focus on one branch over another. Then there is the question of conceptual vs. hands-on (on top of the earlier classifications). Some books/courses are great for one, not the other.

My own personal experience: I paid for cc pro for one month (after the free trial period) and got as much python as I could out of it. For the hours spent, I think it was a justifiable price (comparable to that of a reasonably priced book). Since I didn’t see any material I wanted to study further I didn’t renew.

So I’ll just have to go over to a site like w3 for further learning. Is that right?

You can always try to petition for more php content to be added.

But like I said, for any language there’s no one-stop shop.

I would go on php forums (reddit, irc, discord) and see the existing threads on best resources for learning php or ask via chat. I’m sure there are great courses and tutorials that are listed there (both free and reasonably priced). There’s definitely more and probably better courses than w3 alone.


Yes, you need further sources of learning. But not necessarily w3schools (I assume you meant that) since w3schools is very outdated. I recommend edX and freeCodeCamp.

W3 still has a ton of stuff. Freecodecamp is great. Edx… I don’t really use.

The issue with being outdated with php is also a security one. Always check discussions on modern vulnerabilities if you’re going by old material.

Just better to be safe than sorry.