Does the Backend Engineer with javascript skill path cover all of the "learn Javascript" course

It seems there are 2-3 modules from learn JS that are not included in this skill path. If this is the case, I does anyone know why this is?

Are the final modules (I think everything after “promises”) not important for backend? I’m wondering whether to prioritize javascript or the node/js/express/sql mix up that is the backend skill path.

As far as I know, skill paths and career paths try to give learners a more wholistic approach to the subject, and sometimes lessons from the individual modules are skipped in order to make the skill path or career path more focused.

If you are worried on missing out, do like me and cover everything both in the paths and the courses!

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Thanks, I’ll think about it! I might actually prefer to get started on the non syntax parts of the course. So I think I’ll finish the skill path first. Then later I can circle around and finish up JavaScript on it’s own.

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