Does spacing matter when using CSS combinators?

Does one need to add space when trying to be specific with targeting a CSS selector? For example, when targeting a class that is a child of an HTML elements, should there be a space between the parent element and the child class that is being targeted, as in this exercise here

It appears that when I add space, I see the effect but when I don’t, I don’t see the effect.

Do mean like this?

<div class="parent">
  <p class="child">
    A very long important paragraph about important stuff.
div .child { //spacing in selector
  color: red;


div.child {  //no spacing in selector
  color: red;

If so than yes the spacing matters.

Without the space div.child the code is checking for <div> elements that have a class of child.

Whereas div .child is checking for elements that are children of a <div> and have a class of child.


Awesome! :smile: That was what I meant and thanks for the clarification.

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