Does single or double quote matter in the import statement?

I was really stuck on a checkpoint and found that my mistake was using double quotes instead of single quotes.
I did not think this mattered, but it seems to?

What exactly is the difference or is it just semantic and the tutorial is trying to teach best practices.
But even in the pre-written code, it seems to be inconsistent?

import React from 'react';

import FavoriteButton from "../../components/FavoriteButton";

import Recipe from "../../components/Recipe";

const unfavoriteIconUrl = ''

// Import removeRecipe from favoriteRecipesSlice.js
import { removeRecipe } from './favoriteRecipesSlice.js';

The first import is single quote while the next two are double quote so I am confused whether it matters or not.

To summarize it: no, it doesn’t really matter, it’s the same if you use '' or "".

The thing is the tests made to check your input sometimes don’t cover every single case, and sometimes you just have to nail what the test expected. :slight_smile: Anyway, if you have it wrong just for that reason, it is honestly equivalent to having it right, so don’t feel like you were wrong for that.

EDIT: Sorry, just wanted to add it’s better if you do all the module imports at the top of the file, I think.