Does Seaborn provide other types of plots?


Does Seaborn provide other types of plots?


In addition to the plots shown in this lesson, Seaborn provides many other different types of plots, some of which are a visual improvement to existing plots in Matplotlib, or unique to Seaborn.

In Seaborn, you can implement relational plots such as lineplots or scatterplots, which are used to see relations between two variables.

You can also implement categorical plots, such as catplots, boxplots, and barplots, which allow us to see data separated by categories.

Seaborn also provides the ability to draw distribution plots, which let us visually see the distribution of some set of data. These includes pairplots, distplots, and kdeplots.

Another useful group of plots that Seaborn provides us are regression plots. These are used to analyze whether variables have a relation to each other, and include lmplots and regplots.

Seaborn also provides matrix plots, which visualize values using colors on a matrix-like graph, which include heatmaps and clustermaps.

To see all the available plots and functionality of Seaborn, check out the documentation!


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You can check out the documentation via this link:


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