Does saying "sequence of characters" when describing a string imply some order?



In the context of this exercise, a string is referred to as a “sequence of characters”. Does this imply some order?


Strings are a sequence of characters that appear in a specified order to make up a word, sentence, or entire passages. Being a “sequence”, it does imply that a string must have some kind of order.

The “order” can be related to the “indexes” of the characters in a string. For example, for this string,


the characters are positioned at “indexes” starting from 0.

'H' is at index 0
'e' is at index 1
'l' is at index 2
'l' is at index 3
'o' is at index 4

In the next exercise of the lesson, you will learn that strings are very similar to lists, because like lists, we access the characters by index, furthering the notion of them being a sequence following some order.