Does Not Allow Progression And Loads Endlessly

Learn Emojicode: Variables: Operator Assignment

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When attempting to move on from the second step (“Use subtraction assignment to decrement level by 1.”) in this lesson by pressing the “Run” button, the interface just shows a loading symbol on both the “Run” button and the checkbox next to the step. The lesson loads endlessly and I am unable to progress further in the course.

All the previous lessons in this course worked fine. I am using the latest version of Chrome and have also tried to use Codecademy in Microsoft Edge and on another laptop to no avail. My code is correct and did not throw any errors.

Workaround: Click “Get Help” in the bottom-right corner and click “Solution” to get Codecademy to provide you with the solution. Doing so allows the user to skip to the next lesson.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ :rofl: :no_entry_sign: :see_no_evil: this before

(Huh? I have never seen this before lmao)

Yeah that looks like a bug.