Does JavaScript change from one environment to another?

Hi everyone. I’m a beginner programmer and I’ve been learning JavaScript on KhanAcademy and everything has been good. The problem I have is that JavaScript here Is a little different from there! I don’t know why is that? It’s supposed to be one language so why do these differences exist? I’m just really confused.
Another question: How do I program outside of codecademy? Thanks in advance.

I did Khan Academy a few years ago… I honestly don’t know what they’re teaching, it kind of seems similar to jQuery. This on Codecademy is real JavaScript. You can practice whatever language you want with an interpreter.

Just search “[language] interpreter” on google! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot… So what we learn here we can apply it anywhere right?
Also, if I want to build a game or something, do I have to put it inside an HTML code or not?
Thanks again :slight_smile:


Depends on the language. If it’s a JS game, then yes.

Could you give me an example of how they’re different? Code from similar situations?

Khan Academy’s course is JavaScript canvas(drawing) which is a library of JavaScript

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Oh so maybe that’s why I found it to be a little different… Do you think I should continue learning there? and will I be able to apply that knowledge outside of khan academy?
Also, I have another question: I read on your profile that you are a web developer, did you just learn web development here or is there any other sources you use?
Thank you

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Maybe it’s the their library that is a bit different… Sorry I’m a beginner so I didn’t know that there are different libraries that programmers use with JS
Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

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If you learn here or there will benefit you (depends on what your project is), I would say if you want to go ahead learn both no harm :slight_smile:

I learnt here and elsewhere, there’s a lot to learn(advanced and in depth) I’m still studying theresthere’s no end and the field is huge. Urm Google search or YouTube tutorials if you looking for something. MDN is a great website.

list of courses & resources

If you are looking for something in specific let me know and I can point it out :smile:

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