Does it appear formatting is the issue with moving forward?

JavaScript: Learn JavaScript: Functions… 4. Parameters

My code prints correctly on the other screen. However, I am still getting a read X and the error:

“Did you call the takeOrder function three times, each time with passing in two parameters?”

Um, Yes I did. Please help! I don’t want them to write the code because it defeats the purpose of me learning.

function takeOrder(topping, crustType) {
  console.log('Order: pizza topped with' +  topping + crustType);

takeOrder('bacon', 'Stuffed');
takeOrder('Pepperoni' , 'Regular');
takeOrder('Bacon', 'Thin');

Is this the lesson you are on?

If so, please post the full code :slight_smile:

Quick note though, in the console.log() there should be a space before topping, and in between topping and crustType there should be the word ‘with’.


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