Does indentations matter?


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Do indentations matter? I have reset the exercise and typed exactly what was requested - it gave me an error. I then typed get code and the only thing that changed was a slight indentation and an extra space.....

Does this matter in the real Java world?

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No, indention doesn't matter (except for code readability). It might be you just misspelled one silly thing, it sometimes happens



Hey there. In the "real Java world" as well as on Codecademy, the indentation does not matter for code "runability". In other words, if you don't indent it perfectly, your code will still run. However, as @stetim94 said, it is good for code readability, so you can understand what you've written.

This is not the case for all programming languages, though. In other languages like python, you need to indent perfectly for it to run without errors. Just make sure not to confuse these two. Hope this helped. Good luck. :coffee: