Does if statement...buggy

Block Scope II 5/7

I thought I had this right but it kept telling me “Does the ‘if’ statement check if region is equal to ‘The Arctic’?”. Eventually I just let it give me the code and I’m still getting the error. I pushed the report a bug button but nothing happens…maybe it’s a silent alarm? At any rate, how do I move forward?

const visibleLightWaves = () => {
  let lightWaves = "Moonlight";
  let region = "The Arctic";
    if (region === "The Arctic") {
      let lightWaves = "Northern Lights";



 if (region === "The Arctic") 

the string needs to be enclosed in apostrophes ('), quotation marks (") doesn’t seem to be allowed

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So last time I had a problem they told me the single quotes was the problem. And this is actually the code that showed up when I finally gave up and hit "get code’.

Just use what the instructions use, in this case apostrophes

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