Does Computer Science career path come with professional certificate?

I know that the new Codecademy Pro gives out professional certificates for career paths, but right now, the Computer Science path doesn’t show that. It says it offers a certificate of completion. Also, does anyone know which paths give professional certificates?

It should, according to Codecademy these sixth paths are now professional certs:

  • Full-Stack Engineer
  • Front-End Engineer
  • Back-End Engineer
  • Data Scientist: Machine Learning
  • Data Scientist: Analytics
  • Computer Science

There should be this banner on the main syllabus page for you to update the path in order to get the new content:

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Yep, you’re right. Also, will the CS path help me in college applications (I’m a high school student)? Would this be able to help me test out of classes?

Gonna butt in, here… Every university has different entry requirements but in general, your last year of high school is critical. You need to be on an academic learning path, and must be at least a B+ student, and strong in Maths and Science. If your transcript includes computer studies with a good grade, that can help. Make sure your last semester has a workload of three or more major courses.

It will also help if you have good grades in the humanities and communication, including a grade twelve level second language such as French or Spanish.

Ultimately it will be up to you to visit your school counsellor and discuss entry requirements and Uni options. Do you have older siblings who have attended or are attending Uni? They can help you with your decision process. Begin communicating with faculty members and/or TAs at a number of universities, starting with the school of your choice, and possible alternatives.

As to your question about the certification you can earn here at CC, the schools will be who to ask. Since this is a brand new program many will not yet be aware of it and will need to formulate new policy governing admission value.

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Hey i’ve been doing the course for like a month or so and today suddenly that banner appeared. I clicked on update and the structure of the curriculum changed. Do you know why that showed now? Why wasn’t the course already updated from the start? Thanks and hope you can help!