Does codecademy teaches bootstrap and responsiveness?


Does codecademy teaches how to add responsiveness to a website?


Bootstrap has it included. Try to finish the bootstrap course.


codecademy covers bootstrap (or part of it) in make a website course, there is of course more too it, but it is a good start. You could also, rather then relaying on bootstrap grid system, trying to understand this system, and even build your own, or learn how to make responsive site in html and css only


That's the thing, I haven't noticed any courses that are covering bootstrap.


Did you check out this couse? unit 5 covers bootstrap (or part of it)


Not yet. I've started HTML and CSS this morning, now I'm half way done, I'm at CSS: An Overview. I've worked with CSS and HTML before but since I haven't used it in about a year I need some mind refresher(idk how to say it in English) before my exam :smiley: If they have bootstrap on this course I will definitely go thought it as well because I've been told that the professor will ask a lot about bootstrap :smiley:


Thanks for the reply btw :smiley:


after you done with html, css and make a website, go to the bootstrap site, and read a good bit of there page they titled css