Does Codecademy offer certificates or job assistance?

Unfortunately we don’t offer certificates or job assistance as part of our program at this time.

For Pro: What we do offer, however, are final projects. These teach you how to build apps from scratch. Though they’re not certificates, you can use the apps you create as a portfolio – whether by hosting them on github (a key resource for developers and a great place to collect or portfolio before looking for a job – or on your own portfolio site. (The final project for the HTML & CSS course teaches you how to build just such a portfolio site.)

Projects are a good way to get yourself ready for real world experiences, but getting a job afterwards is completely up to you. Some folks feel prepared after Codecademy and some also feel the need to continue their education elsewhere and use Codecademy as a foundation. It completely depends on the individual. Projects are different than lessons in that they are like self-contained exercises where there is less hand-holding. In Projects, you still use the Codecademy learning environment to go through them and you have small instruction items, but your code doesn’t get evaluated—the instructions are a checklist you can mark off as you complete them. They are designed to put what you learned during lessons into practice, and some require you to do a bit of research outside of what is covered.

Many folks show their progress and badges to their employers upon completion. I’d recommend sharing your Codecademy username with potential employers so they can see which courses you’ve finished. You can do this by adding your Codecademy username or link to your LinkedIn account, for example.

@alex_bowen i have a question.
i just started codecademy and finished my first html project called ‘Fashion Blog’
i want to showcase this project on my linkedin account so others could see my work
i cant find out how to do this
kindly help me

You could copy the content of the files to your computer, then you could deploy using something like github pages

or if that is too complicated in the beginning, you can try

On can i use my project code there to make the webpage
And after that can i link that webpage(one i made) on linkedin as portfolio project?

codepen supports full page view. But programming is about figuring out, you should research the possibilities. We can help/guide you

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Perhaps you should consider the Linkedin badge as an option like other bootcamps do. Codeacademy is a top-notch coding school so you should really fall short on any aspect IMHO.