Does Codecademy have a Slack Channel? UPDATE: we've moved! – new link to new space in a thread, below


I am curious if Codecademy have any Slack channel? And if anyone is interested in collaborating via Slack or Trello?

Please let me know, because I would like to join if there is, and if not we could start one and share small and interesting projects to exercise.

Thanks all!

What would be the point? There is already a forum.

Slack, along with other collab tools, is akin to becoming a common skill for remote dev teams. Forums like this serve a more general purpose. Since most of the people here are headed to join a development community, I am curious if we have one or not. Having one would definitely help us get the feel and be acquainted with the platform.


The Pro members do have a slack channel.

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We’ve moved our Pro community off of Slack and onto a different platform. If you are a Pro member, you can access the new platform via this link: