Does Codecademy check for punctuation?


Does Codecademy check for punctuation?


It sure does! If you ever feel you’ve entered what it asks for in the instructions, but it’s marking it wrong, take a second look and be sure you have the same capitalization, spacing, and punctuation if it’s a string. Once you get to the free form projects, though, you’ll have much more room for creativity! Take a look at the code below for a passing and failing example:

# The instructions say “Create a new variable brian and assign it the string "Hello life!".”

# Passing:
brian = “Hello life!”

# Failing
Brian = “Hello life!”
brian = “hello life”
brian = “Hello life.”

The only check would be for exact string patterns. When given a string in the instructions, be sure to use that exact string. Be wary of straying from the instructions and taking liberties or embellishing for effect. Experiments will most always come back as not accepted.


Hi, just an FYI, this isn’t true, at least for this example. I used an upper-case L in life and passed. Might be confusing to some folks.


Thx :slightly_smiling_face:

The exercise is broken, I typed in the answer exactly as it stated and it marked it incorrect. I checked the solution and there were no differences, so I believe this is broken.

Can you share a link to the exercise?

Also, either copy/paste your attempted code ([How to] Format code in posts) OR upload a screenshot. That may reveal clues as to why your answer wasn’t accepted.

@mtrtmk I think it’s this from “Learn Python 2” (?)

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Thank you for the link to the exercise.

Still would like to see either a screenshot or an exact copy/paste of the attempted answer. Sometimes, it is an easy to miss detail.

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You keep marking me wrong when I correct the lesson’s English. It’s driving me nuts. It would really help if there were some kind of proofreading phase.

There was one answer that called four “amount of [plural noun],” which is wrong. I corrected it to “number of [plural noun]” because “amount” is for singular nouns. This is setting my teeth on edge and it’s completely unnecessary. Do you want help fixing your text?

While your copyediting skills are probably appreciated (esp. by other learners) maybe move this post to the Course Suggestions category instead(?)

WE HAVE A COURSE SUGGESTIONS CATEGORY?! Oh that’s good news. Where is it?

It’s on the main page.

Community> Bug Reporting
Or, Feedback & Requests.

That said, “amount” is for two or more quantities, so an aggregate or sum…it can be used or one can use “number” which is also plural. So the usage of it is fine.