Does code academy teach you to program games?


Does code academy teach you to program games? I just wanted to know before I Do in depth learning on this site. If not, but learning code here would help me learn code elsewhere, please let me know.


yes, it does, there is a course to make basic webgames:

But here is some solid advice: learn the basic of the programming language you want to write your game in, before directly starting building the game


@stetim94 How do you access this course from the courses page?


good question, i thieved the link from @haxor789, maybe he can help you with this question?


Got me... To be honest I took it myself and just knew it was there so I googled it :frowning:
PS: There is the long and unofficial way to go over the additional courses category -> Pinned Archive post -> Exercise Post -> View Course


Once you get through the main JavaScript track here, you could try this: