Does anyone else think that new structure to Data Scientist career path was rushed?

Yeah, just basically the title. I have stumbled upon multiple shortcomings during continuing my career path: things like code that wouldn’t compile even if I literally copied the exact answer from Hints, missing libraries (so again I couldn’t run the script) even lines like [insert link if exists] in some articles. The list goes on and on - it’s not something that makes me unable to complete the lessons, but after seeing stuff like that multiple times during few hours, it really discourages me to go further.
I like the idea of new structure, but please fix :smiley:.

If you have a bug, report it here:

Make sure you’re as specific as possible when reporting any bugs.

Hi! Thanks!! This is really helpful – and we are working on resolving many of these issues now. If you find a bug (including typos and missing links), please do submit it here if you have the time to do it – I (we) deeply appreciate it – and have a great day! :slight_smile: - Michelle