Does a front end developer have to know photoshop?

I applied for a web designer job today. Actually, I wasn’t very hopeful when I applied for the job because I’m only good at HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. I’m just starting JavaScript, I don’t know PHP, SQL, etc. I still wanted to take a chance because the ad was posted in my city, which is rare.

Three hours later, they had a short WhatsApp conversation with me. I didn’t get a positive result, but I was rejected not for the reason I expected, but for a reason I didn’t expect.

The person who interviewed me asked if I knew Adobe Photoshop. I said I didn’t know it, and that’s why I was rejected.

I see such a requirement in very few job postings on Linkedin. Usually the things we need to know are HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, React, Angular. Maybe even things like PHP, SQL. There are very few ads that ask me to know Photoshop.

I have never needed Photoshop in my work. On the rare occasions when I needed to edit an image, Canva was enough for me.

I would like to ask my experienced friends: Do you think a front-end developer needs to know Photoshop? Isn’t our job with code? It seems to me that some companies ask one person to do everything. Isn’t graphic design a different specialty?

Hi, you said it yourself that the position you applied for was a web designer not a developer. Web designers usually don’t use JavaScript and other programming languages (HTML&CSS are not programming languages) but they do all the job around the appearance of the website (from wire-framing to a prototype). So, being skilled at Photoshop can be pretty important for them.
Although I don’t know what was in the job description you applied for. Some companies have budget only for one person, so they might be looking for Jack of all trades who will do all the work around their website (from designing to actual coding).

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For a web designer it’s to be expected as they’re usually a graphic designer.

For a web developer it’s not expected, but can help a little bit if needing to do something and not wait on a graphic designer.

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