<!DOCTYPE> tag not working



I don't understand why this isn't working it seems that the tag isn't working or something like that ?

<title> Hi there ! </title>



<!DOCTYPE html>

Also your <html> tag is not closed


I tried that and it said use open html ?


Yeah I played around with it a ton I didn't take the time to close it


I will try that again though


Now that you closed it, you managed to pass ?

Arrow missing in </body should be </body>


Your forgot to add html to your !DOCTYPE.... and add your closing html tag below your closing body tag


Oops didn't notice that :joy:


It still doesn't work though ?


on line 7 you have a closing html tag (</html>), but there is not corresponding opening tag (<html>), where do you think you need to put it? If you need a syntax refresher, you can always revisit the html basics 1 exercises

And no, </html> doesn't correspond with <!DOCTYPE html>


I got it thank you ! :grin: