<!DOCTYPE> Still Doesn't Work

Hi - The <!DOCTYPE> tag in the HTML BASIC course doesn’t seem to want to work? I tried it TWO ways as below, and both turn WHITE and the OOPS error pops up when I submit the code. I have reset the code several times and it still won’t work for the below webpage code content.

Thanks for any help! - Monique Rene Coates

1.<!DOCTYPE html>

<head><title>HEALTH or WEALTH</title></head>
<h1>HEALTH or WEALTH</h1>
<h2>Should We Have To Choose Between Them?</h2><img src="https://www.pinterest.com/pin/145241156711337200/" />
<h3> And if we are FORCED to choose between the two, why are we made to do so? </h3>
<do not remove the three backticks above>

HI you should format your code…

Hello, where is the code?

I formatted Monique’s code sample for her so you can now see what she posted.

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So just after the <!DOCTYPE html> you should add The open <html> tag like that

<!DOCTYPE html>
         <!-- here put The head, body, h.. tag -->

Thanks for your help everyone!

The open “” tag just didn’t paste for some reason, sorry about that!
Another Question. How do all of you post code so it shows up for questions, and not disappear or just turn into a web page?




Should We Have To Choose Between Them?

And if we are FORCED to choose between the two, why are we made to do so?

This will help you with that:

Thank you albionsrefuge!!

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