<!DOCTYPE> Question


When i put into coding it says it's wrong. What am i doing wrong?


You learned in html basic that the doctype declaration is: <!DOCTYPE html>

This exercise on purpose only mentions doctype so you either have to remember the correct tag/look at documentation/earlier exercise.


Hi Clayton,

The declaration for an HTML5 document looks like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

I think you're missing the html part in there :)

Edit: And Stetim94 beat me to it :)


is it case sensitive?


see this stackoverflow question. In the exercise on codecademy however, SCT (submission correctness test) could be programmed to only accepted uppercase DOCTYPE

Not sure what I am doing wrong? (Link me)


If you want to better understand what <!DOCTYPE html>means,

<!DOCTYPE html> tells the browser that the language is HTML.

P.S. I am very sorry if I replied 6 months late...