<!DOCTYPE html>

No matter what I do, with the first part of the lesson alone, I keep getting this weird error message that asks “did you type the required” whatever and than it continues to constantly say that it isn’t typed correctly when clearly it is.

This may not help…

Enter the code in the editor. Be sure to use exactly what is given in the instructions. Run the code to save it. Refresh the page. Run again.

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The problem might be related with the browser you are using; try again on another one (I use Firefox).

A last resort, one would hope. We don’t wish to disrupt their normal environment if we can avoid it. In many cases what gets solved by switching browsers could well have something to do with cookies, history, etc. that simply goes away in another browser. It’s good to explore all possibilities in the current working browser, imho, before tossing one aside for another.

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