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I have been coding for more than 16 years and decided to work through these lessons before giving them to my beginning web design class. Second 2nd where it asks for us to enter <!DOCTYPE> in the first line I receive an error message to add my !DOCTYPE and my typing is in red. IF I put a space between the ! and DOCTYPE, that line turns to white but still throws an error message saying I need to add !DOCTYPE.

Can you help?

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Can you confirm if you tried it this way?

<!DOCTYPE html>

Better still, you could attach link to exercise.




This is the code that I currently have in. Hope this helps. I did close the
tags even though the instructions on the side didn’t include that. NOR do
the instructions ask that html be a part of the !DOCTYPE.


It could have something to do with the test written for this exercise. Kindly place the title tag on the same line and insert some text, like below.


Let me know if this helps!

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The original Doctype was still in read when I changed the title line. Very
interesting! I’d really like to have my students use this as supplemental
material in my Web Design class if I can figure out why it is giving the
results it is, because I suspect they will have the same issue.


Uhmm… Okay!

All the best. :wink:

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