Do you want to start this course?



I have been around here for a few days now and i have been reading peoples questions. Some of these people post links for certain lessons they follow.

Now the links to the paid courses don’t work afcourse since i dont have a pro account.

The links that lead to courses are free and i haven’t started tho work fine.
The problem is tho once i go to one of these links it asks me if i want to start this course. Since i just want to read the question and maybe try one or two things i don’t want to start the whole course (besides if you do start the course you are not able to skip to the specific lesson).
Is it possible to add an “X” so i can close this overlay ?
Currently i’m removing the overlay myself trough F12 and that works fine. But its becoming a pain.


Hey @biirra, I happy to pass this feedback along to the team. To help identify where exactly this is happening, could you share a screenshot here? Might also be that what you’re describing is expected behavior. One more thing I’ll have to check in with the Product team about. Thanks in advance!


Hello @alyssavigil,

I am talking about the screen you see when you press a link from the forum that go’s to a specific lesson.

For example after clicking a link to a html course i get the following:

This is afcourse expected behavior because i haven’t started this course yet.

But because i just want to see what the problem is about and i do not want to start the whole course, i would like to request a feature so i can disable this overlay.
I currently do this by opening the browser inspector and deleting the overlay element (as shown in image below).

As you can imagine this is a lot of hassle to just read what the forum question is about.
Because it is such a hassle and you cant go to a specific chapter without completing previous chapters, is it maybe an idea to add an “X” to this overlay to close it ?

The functionality of the button next could be turned off if previous lessons has not been completed yet. This will give the same security (maybe even better since deleting the overlay still allows you to complete lessons).