Do you need a degree to get a job doing Python?

I’m kind of old to go back to college for another degree.
If I teach myself Python from watching YouTube videos, would employers have any interest in me?
I was told by one person online that they would not, but that if I also learned Java, they would.

Do you agree with that?
So, Java is a completely different language than Python?


You can perfectly learn both. Its not only about learning a language. Its also about learning to program. Both java and python are high in demand these days, so either or both will do

I still haven’t done anything with the programming skills i learned so far, but it must surely be possible to get a job without a college degree. Depending on where you live, the difficulty might vary. Certain recruiters will certainly demand certification.

A good advice would be to build a portfolio. Look at startups to see at startups what they need, startups might give you a easier way in, and you can learn from other developers.

Sites like might give you a good change to get paid and increase your experience and portfolio.

There must be paths, they might not always be easy, but paths there must be :slight_smile:


Yes, I saw where MIT offers classes in association with an online college that are free, that you can pay extra for to get a certificate for. However, they weren’t as easy-to-follow as similar ones already on YouTube.

Are there any other ways to get certified that you would recommend? :slight_smile:

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Programming has never been simple, in fact, its really difficult. In my opinion, youtube and sites like codecademy are easy to get you started, but you really need to be able to do more then that in order to get a job.

With online certificates, its always really difficult. I don’t know, of each certificate you need to verify the actual value.

Ideally, somewhere close to where you live you find a instance/instancy who is not providing a full college, but does offer a 2 month course/trainee-ship or something similar. Given there is a shortage of (good) developers, ideally you would find such a trainee-ship.