Do variables that end in s signal they have multiples?

Hello everyone, this is my first forum post.
Apologies if there exists an answer to my question already but I’m not quite sure how to ask my question to get the right answer.

I’m working on the free python 2 module

In this module, the code

animals = ["cat", "ant", "bat"]
for animal in animals:
  print animal

exists, and it runs, which confuses me because animal is not defined

and I’m confused as to why python knows that animal is a singular of animals if animal is not defined.
Once again, sorry if it’s a foolish question, I’m very new to coding, and thank you in advance for the answer.

The animal variable is created automatically using the for…in statement. You would get the same result if you did the following:

animals = ["cat", "ant", "bat"]
for banana in animals:
  print banana
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I understand now, thank you!