Do the projects need to be exact clones?

I’m doing the Fotomatic project. I got some good advice from the forums (the biggest help was linking the correct CSS file), and I’m making progress. However, I struggle to make the solution exactly like the one Codecademy gives. For example, I can’t for the life in me position the Photography Society logo in the exact spot of Codecademy’s solution.

Is it okay for the result to not be 100% identical, or is it required?

This is a tough question and generally I would say the answer is somewhat subjective. I don’t shoot for my projects to look 100% like the solution, but that often ends up happening for the on-platform projects. Remember that there are many ways to approach a challenge.

I would suggest however trying to figure out why they look different. If you can learn to understand why your solution differs from the provided solution, then you will grow even faster as a programmer. Good luck in your progress!

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