Do I need to use a personal access token?


I am having trouble pushing my repository into GitHub it appears. I am in the Introduction to GitHub, everything goes smoothly, from making the directory in my terminal to adding the README.txt file… The trouble starts when I copy over the commands over to push the repository. After copying the commands I am prompted to enter my username and password, I do then I get an error message…
remote: Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021.

remote: Please see About remote repositories - GitHub Docs for information on currently recommended modes of authentication.

fatal: Authentication failed for ‘pjo42685/git_practice · GitHub

patrick@Patricks-Air git_practice %

Do I need a token?

sorry I am new to this… Little more info, The repository is made on GitHub. I did have to change my password to something a little more convenient. I can access the repository there is just not README.txt file in it.

What does the documentation say about that?

(Yes, you need a token.)

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Thank you,
I found this portion to be very confusing, but that comes with the territory of being new.
Thank you for confirming this for me.

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Documentation can be confusing…and sometimes needs a couple of readings (or maybe that’s just me).

If you’re stuck, there’s also several threads on this very issue in the forums:

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You are definitely not alone in that. I was frustrated and even though I knew it was the potential correct route I needed a nudge to follow it. Thank you for the nudge.

Got my token and pushed my repository first try.
A nudge in the right direction and a couple minutes of fresh air does wonders.

Thank you again.

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Yes and it can also expire in future. Well you can create and regenerate new tokens here. Also I think once you make it and use it you won’t need to make it again and again until it expires. Hope this helps you @pjo42685