Do I need to re-do this lesson?


I can’t do most of the questions without hints or searching how to use some commands but I understand the solution when I see it. Do I have to re-do this lesson?


Hi @coderockstar33225 ,

Glad to see you’re putting work in!

My first time around was pretty much the same. After you get some practice under your belt, you start seeing that the need to peek at the solution or ask for hints starts going down. After a while, you get really good at searching what you need, sifting through reference docs and basically knowing what you’re looking for.

If you feel you’ll benefit from doing the lesson again, you definitely should. If anything, as a personal challenge/goal. Otherwise, you’d benefit tremendously from working on side projects as well. Putting that newfound knowledge to work!

Let us know if you need anything :slight_smile:.


It’s fine if you feel the need to re-do a lesson if you want.

If i can’t solve a question I hit the solution button and look at the syntax and try to understand it.
After that I delete the solution code and try to type it for myself. That kinda helps :slight_smile:

Also a thing I do is to change stuff in a code, for example switching integers, re-naming functions or changing variables and what not. It’s just to see what the code does and how the syntax works. Or maybe add some more code to it to see what happens.

So yeah, but you will be fine! Just keep coding :slight_smile:


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