Do i need to always have my personal computer active

if i am hosting my own site using a vm or docker, do i need to always have my personal computer active, i mean always conected to the internet

Yes, the computer needs to be active, as well as running the docker or VM. Which is why you usually go for a VPS (virtual personal server), which can be cheap, and it has fast internet. And they are responsible if downtime occurs

there are some good VPS, like digital ocean


if i upload an image to my site file manager, how do i compose a url that will access the image

so if my computer is inactive, my site wont be able to be accesed

you will need to hard code the url into the page, but you can use relative or absolute file path, given the files are on the same device

inactive is a vague term, if you are not using your computer, you can still keep it running. Then its fine, but the moment you suspend, hibernate or shut the computer down, your site could no longer be reached

python offers an IDLE, ideal for running snippets of code before putting them into a script/file. But very few languages hae this.

what about it? You want to create that? I think its above your level