Do I need an equal level of expertise in each part of data science?

Hey Eduardo. I just started on here exploring Data Science to see if its a good fit. I saw that you posted this ~8 months ago. How is it going? Is your path clearer? Any Developments?

Agreed. I created a spreadsheet to track my progress on Khan Academy and predict course completion speed. I was moving through courses like Algebra 2 and Statistics 3 times faster than in a college course.

I’ve only taken College Algebra, Trigonometry, and Discrete Math, all of which were very hard for me. For Data Science direction, what math course(s) should I take? Is Khan academy sufficient? Which topics do you recommend I cover? I’m not really sure where to start.

That sounds like perfectly reasonable place to start from, if you’re looking for something else then I think a little bit of statistics is always a good idea. Most of the mathematical topics are introduced slowly so hopefully you can understand them without too much trouble. If you do find yourself in a spot where the math is holding you back and no amount of re-reading the instructions makes it clear then you know what topics you’ll need to study outside the lessons.

For me at least I’d prefer this kind of targeted learning or learning along the way so that you can directly apply the things you’ve just learned. Personally I think coding is a great accompaniment to learning math in many cases as you can actually test things as you go.

Since you’re doing data science in particular the ability to visualise the problems you encounter can actually be a benefit when encountering a new topic: linear regression, plot it; unknown distribution, plot it; modelling, fit it then plot it; probability, test it a hundred thousand times… then plot it.

That’s my opinion on it at least, dive in see what’s what before you devote time to other subjects, then you know for sure what topics you should cover.

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Thanks for the help!

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Hello everyone! I’m a science teacher looking for a career change. I love research and data so I hope this path suits me well.

I’m embarking upon a new journey down the Data Scientist path as well, although my reasons may be a bit different from others in this thread.

  • First and foremost - #AlwaysBeLearning - this is a mindset that I apply to career, entrepreneurial pursuits and personal learnings.
  • Professionally, I’m a digital marketing veteran that has dabbled in many things marketing -including html and css from a website management and email perspective.
  • Key driver for these learnings - My new role in marketing operations has fueled a desire to learn more about back-end programming and data manipulation. Ultimately, I’m a systems mechanic and always seeking better and more efficient ways to problem solve, improve reporting and generally, make things better.
  • Finally - I want to maximize my CodeAcademy license so I’m constantly seeking my next learning path as there is knowledge to be obtained in any of the courses.

For all of you that may be a little apprehensive to go down a new path, go for it! There are abundant resources to learn, get supported and demonstrate your new skills.

Upward and onward, fellow CodeAcademy users!


I agree, each specific situation will need specific skill

Hello Everyone,
I am new to coding in general. The furthest I’ve gone with mathematics was College Algebra and Statistics. Both of which was a slight struggle for me (mostly because I could not connect it with the real world so it bored me).

However, I am here because I discovered in my work as a non-profit program coordinator that I am fascinated by the potential of data and what we could learn from gathering and analyzing it.

I hope to learn how to make databases for non-profit service organizations.

Hola, un gusto, también soy experto en Marketing (Trade) y renuncie a mi empleo porque estoy buscando dar consultoría en MKT Digital e inicie con HTML y demás para profundizar, saludos!!!

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Hi there, I’m new to Codecademy, and I’m currently working as a digital marketer, which is more related to online marketing activities or ads. I’m curious if I have more knowledge about online behavior of customer, would it be beneficial for me to transfer to data scientist with current expertise? Or how should I apply me experience to transforming to a data scientist?

Hi Everyone,

I’m completely new to coding, but I’ve struggled finding something I want to do with my life. I always thought programming and coding to be very interesting and never took a class. I hope to further my knowledge past code academy and look forward to new opportunities. I hope to connect with some of you on the discord page!!

Hi there, I would like to learn further data processing.