Do forum topics exist for all lessons?

Currently in the “Learn JavaScript: Objects” lesson, but any time I attempt to go to the forums, it redirects me to a “page does not exist” error. Also attempting to report a bug just refreshes the screen.

my apologies if this information exists somewhere – looked through the forums but didn’t see anything applicable.

thanks in advance.


Since the massive migration of recent months a good many links to forums are incorrect or lead directly to the front page. This is a problem we are well aware of and we are told that it will be sorted out in due course of time. This topic will be moved to Platform Problems so it has a better chance of being seen.

When posting a new topic (or a problem with the interface), please be sure to include a link to the lesson so we can properly categorize the topic. Thanks.


here’s the lesson link. thanks for the info!


I’m having the same problem today. However, it’s all and any course I try to access. I tried via my desktop/android and my parents laptop. Are the servers down at the moment?

Able to bring up My Home and a course page, so not sure if this was a temporary issue or not. If it persists, try contacting CC Help.