Do classes from ES6 inherit from JS object?

Im learning about inheritance (in JavaScript) and i came across a article that says ES6 classes dont inherit from the JS object? Is that true or am reading the article wrong? Here is what it says:

Objects Created With Classes (ES6) vs. Objects Created With Constructor Functions (ES5)

Are they exactly the same?

Although they seem to be the same, upon expanding the inner __proto__ , we get to see the difference between the two.

Upon expanding the __proto__ for the instance created with the class syntax, we get nothing in the inner __proto__ object.

On the other hand, expanding the inner __proto__ for the instance created with the constructor function gives the result as:

This means the instance created by the ES5 constructor function is inheriting from JavaScript’s object while the instance created with the class syntax is not inheriting any of the properties from JavaScript’s object class.

With classes, we get no inheritance by default and we get a pure object assigned to the inner __proto__ property of the User object’s prototype.

We can also do that by explicitly modifying the inner __proto__ property.

Here is the link to the article: