Do box plots provide the five number summary?



In the context of this exercise, do box plots provide us the five number summary?


Yes, box plots display and provide all the values of a five number summary for a dataset, which are the

first quartile
third quartile

If we take a look at the example box plots in the exercise, we can see all the values from the five number summary of each dataset.

The lines that stretch out from each box plot at the top and bottom are known as “whiskers” and show the maximum and minimum, within a specified range, that are NOT outliers. So, these may not be the actual minimum and maximum of the data. If the minimum and maximum are outliers, you can see them as dots that are at the very top or bottom of the plot, extending beyond the whiskers.

The ‘box’ part of the box plot, which is filled in with color, shows the first quartile, median, and third quartile as three horizontal lines drawn across the bottom, middle, and top of the box.