DNA.py no suspect - the return of keyser soze



My DNA Analysis Code is correct, w/o errors, but it didn’t find the usual suspect (!)
I expect to find 1 criminal amongs 3 suspects, but I find no felons and I have to release them all
Please, could someone help me ?

This is the exercise link:

…and here is the code:

sample = ['GTA','GGG','CAC']
def read_dna(dna_file):
  dna_data = ""
  with open(dna_file, "r") as f:
    for line in f:
  return dna_data

def dna_codons(dna):
  codons = []
  for i in range(0,len(dna),3):
    if i > (i + 3) < len(dna):
  return codons
def match_dna(dna):
  matches = 0
  for codon in dna:
    if codon in sample:
  return matches

def is_criminal(dna_sample):
  dna_data = read_dna(dna_sample)
  codons = dna_codons(dna_data)
  num_matches = match_dna(codons)
  if num_matches >= 3:
    print "Matches: %i. Check the result with other suspects" % num_matches
    print "Matches: %i. The suspect should be released." % num_matches


Please explain the above line. Thanks.

Okay, now we see…

Next, we’ll want to make sure that the iterator i doesn’t exceed the length of dna, so let’s check for that on the next line.

Inside the for loop, add a line that checks if the iterator, when incremented by 3, exceeds the length of dna.

if i + 3 < len(dna):


Thank you, that was a typo that I didn’t notice, now it works ! Justice rules !


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