Django template is not deleting the record correctly

This is my template code

    {% for item in items %}
    <tr class="text-black">
      <td>{{ }}</td>
      <td>{{ item.description }}</td>
          href="{% url 'menu-options-update' %}"
          class="btn btn-sm btn-user edit"
          <!-- <i class="far fa-edit"></i> -->
          <i class="fas fa-pencil-alt"></i
          class="btn btn-sm btn-user delete btn--show-modal"
          data-confirm="Are you sure to delete this item?"
          ><i class="fas fa-trash"></i
      <div class="modal1 hidden">
        <button class="btn--close-modal">&times;</button>
        <h2 class="modal__header">Do you want to delete this record?</h2>
        <div class="deletModalBtnContainer">
            href="{% url 'menu-options-delete' %}"
            class="delete-final btn"
          <a href="#" class="cencel-modal btn btn-cancels-close-modal"
    {% endfor %}

And this is my view

  item = MenuOptions.objects.get(id=id)

This code is always picking the 1st id in the table data, not the one on which I have clicked. Let’s suppose my table has 5 rows and I want to delete the 4th row but after I click on the delete button it is deleting the 1st row.