Django or Flask?

Hi there,

I have completed the Python courses

  • Learn Python 3 Beginner
  • Learn Intermediate Python 3

and I want to apply what I’ve learned in the aforementioned courses.

I have just started the Full-Stack Engineer career path and I’m keen to take either:

  • Build Python Web Apps with Flask, or
  • Build Python Web Apps with Django

alongside the Full-Stack career path.
Which would you choose, Django or Flask, and why?



Codecademy does have this article which may be of help? (just scroll down a little bit to get to the actual comparison)

The debate of which is better aside, I would not recommend taking any other courses alongside the career path, the full-stack path is already a very long and pretty demanding course, and trying to learn more alongside that (especially something that uses an entirely different language) would end up with you having to memorize two different sets of syntax and two different frameworks which has the potential to harm how much you’re actually learning and retaining from each. In my opinion is far far better to focus on one thing at a time and learn it well, than trying to learn multiple different frameworks at once :slight_smile:

Happy coding!



Thanks for your reply.

I’ll take a look at the comparison, thanks for sharing it :+1:

I want to continue to develop my Python knowledge too and although I completely get your point about focusing solely on the demanding Full-Stack course, I’m hesitant to focus entirely on it as I would be scared that I would begin to forget what I have learned in Python?



To be honest, this is one of the cases where advice can only go so far, and it’s really up to you to determine what you feel the most comfortable tackling, while if learning web development is your goal, I would personally recommend keeping it separate but if you feel comfortable taking both then by all means go for it! It just means you’ll have to take a little bit more care to manage the workload and make sure you’re still practicing everything but it’s absolutely still doable, just a little more tricky :slight_smile:


Thanks again for your advice, much appreciated.
I’ll take your advice and stick with the Full-Stack for now, and if I feel confident a month or two down the line I’ll pick up the Django course :grinning:

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Great, glad I could help! Good luck with it! :smile:

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