Django: module 3; Templates instructions

Course Title: Build Python Web Apps with Django
Module 3: Templates in Django - (5 of 11)
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I have an issue with the instructions for question 2:

Inside of base.html , add a block to the head ( <head> ) element that’s called head . Add the end of > the block inside of the head element as well.

Which I did and received an error (screenshot below):


I viewed the solution and realized the only difference was the comments that stated <!-- Add your head block below: --> (screenshot below)

Now, once I removed those comments, I was able to successfully negotiate the task (screenshot below)

Here is my issue: In stead of leaving a comment that states :

<!-- Add your head block below: -->

Which in my mind, and perhaps others, implies “Add your code below this line”, there should be some instruction that explicitly instruct us to remove these comments instead of “adding our code below it.”

Also, there is a typo on page (4 of 11), first sentence, last paragraph of this module:

Now that that both templates are set up, all of our common code can go inside of base.html , and
any page-specific content can go inside of template.html . This will help with not only keeping the > code organized, but also help make the code cleaner as we’ll only be seeing page-specific content in the > templates from now on.

My comments should be taken as positive & constructive. Codecademy is one of my favorite learning platforms - Keep up the good work!