Django help please

Hello again, I am having a hard time seeing the Django lesson. Am I the only one? please halp
here is the link:

The page is working properly for me.

Instead of the white background (of the code snippets in your screenshot), it is showing up properly for me with a dark background which makes the text readable.

What browser are you using? Have you tried emptying the browser cache and/or disabling any extensions? Is your browser up-to-date? Have you changed any settings recently? Have you tried switching browsers?

There is a recent report by another student of a similar issue: Why does code look like this now?


*Page is also working for me. Iā€™m on a mac, using both Chrome and Safari and I actually do have extensions installed.
But, when I looked at this last night (on Safari) it did have those awful colors. So maybe something was fixed in the backend?