Django Error, Creating an Instance

I have problems creating an instance of a model in the terminal in step 3:

Link to the lesson:

Django → Models

These are the instructions for the step:

Create an instance of the Ownermodel using a variable called owner_instance with the fields:

  • first_name as "Vint"
  • last_name as "Kahn"
  • phone as "951-262-3062"

This is what I entered in the terminal

>>> owner_instance=Post(first_name="Vint", last_name="Kahn", phone="951-262-3062")

I get an endlessly long error message as you can see in the screenshot.

When I tried again after reload, I get a syntax error for the same code:

$ >>> owner_instance=Post(first_name=“Vint”, last_name=“Kahn”, phone=“951-262-3062”)
bash: syntax error near unexpected token `>’

Can anyone help me resolve the error?

Try this command:

owner_instance=Owner(first_name=“Vint”, last_name=“Kahn”, phone=“951-262-3062”)