Django Delights Capstone Project

I’ve finally completed the Django Capstone Project and it can be found here on my Github page!

I’ve recorded a simple walkthrough of the website that can be found on YouTube.

The main features of the website are:

  • When adding a new item to the inventory, the website will check if an item of the same name already exists, and if so, that item will be updated instead (update_or_create())
  • When a new purchase is made, the relevant ingredients will be automatically deducted from the inventory. No purchase is allowed if any ingredient in the inventory is less than what is required in the recipe.
  • The homepage automatically shows how much money has been made from purchases, and how much money has been spent on buying the ingredients listed in the inventory, as well as profits so far.

I like the theme colors! Nice and warm.

update_or_create() is a nice idea, I’ll have to keep that in mind!

It’s reassuring to see it done! Great job!